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Tanz der Vampire (Vienna)

Tanz der Vampire
July 2nd, 2010 (19:30) - Vienna, Ronacher

Just some thoughts about my second TdV-visit of the Vienna Revival. A full review can be found here (my opinions about the altered ending haven't changed). I'm just gonna make a few remarks about the cast of this evening.

First and foremost Barbara Obermeier who was fierce. I LOVED her, she's one of the best Sarahs I've ever had the joy to see or listen to (and yes, I'm counting DVDs). She was perfect. She has a wonderful voice, it's a bit deeper than Marjan's and therefore not as annyoing as Marjan's is at times. The chemistry between her and Thomas Borchert during Totale Finsternis was great. Finally a couple that sings together and doesn't enter a screaming contest (still a pity they always shorten this song lately).
Fernand Dolesch as Abronsius didn't quite convince me as much as Kranner. Kranner still has the professor-voice while singing, Dolesch didn't but the "Gruft-scene" was nicely acted. Lukas Perman was fine, he pulled some pretty funny faces this time.
Lastly, Marc Liebisch as Herbert. Woah, I didn't like him back in January and I liked him even less this time. First of all, I woulnd't have recognized him. His voice, his posture, his gestures just everything was different. So aggressive and some times it seemed like he was out of character and only remembered to be Herbert when he left the stage and added a little hip swinging then.

Full cast for July 2nd, 2010 (19:30) - Ronacher, Vienna
Graf von Krolock ... Thomas Borchert
Professor Abronsius ... Fernand Dolesch (u/s)
Alfred ... Lukas Perman
Sarah ... Barbara Obermeier (u/s)
Chagal ... James Sbano
Rebecca ... Katharina Dorian
Magda ... Anna Thorén
Herbert ... Marc Liebisch
Koukol ... Thomas Weissengruber

Ich war noch niemals in New York
July 1st, 2010 - 19:30, Raimund Theater, Vienna

I'm positively surprised. I thought it was going to be horrible but it turned out to be quite fun. Apart from the annoying school girls in front of me. I will never understand why teachers force their students to go see a musical (and then something that is nowhere near to a fine example of musical...) when they clearly want to be somewhere else. This one girl constantly texted someone and when I asked her to stop because the light from her cell phone was distracting, she was annoyed with me! I would have liked to give her a lecture on how to behave in a theatre but that would have disturbed everyone around me and during intermission I caught up with N. and didn't have time to tell her off. Besides I think she wouldn't have cared at all (judged by the fact that she tried to start texting at the beginning of the second act again).


Conclusively, I had a lot more fun than I expected (to a great deal thanks to Steven Seale) and given the flaws of the story it could have been a lot worse. Still, I probably won't go and see it a second time (maybe before they permanently close in Vienna) ...

Friday Five: Summer Time

1. What do you love about summer?
I love, love, love, love summer! It's my favourite time of the year. I'm a person that easily and always feels cold, so the risk of that is minimal in summer. I just love the sunshine, the spirit, that people generally are nicer. That you can eat ice cream without freezing or it raining into the ice cream. That I can lie in the park for hours and read. That my hair gets a bit lighter blond. That I have more time to meet my friends. That melons and strawberries ar in season. Etc, etc...

2. How many times you had a fun on summer?
Every summer. I always have fun during summer.

3. What mostly you like to do during summer time?
I like to pack a blanket, something to drink and the book I'm reading and go to the park. Then I spend hours just lying in the grass and reading and forgetting about the world.

4. Do you like the place where you live?
Yes, I do! A lot, a lot. I live in Vienna and it's easily the most beautiful city in the world (yeah, I dare to say that even if I haven't seen that many places yet). Anyway, half the city (read that somewhere) is green and the parks are really beautiful.

5. If you have given a chance, do you want to live in a tropical country?
I'm not quite sure. I love it hot and sunny but I fear a tropical country would be too much for me. Also they have to find a way to permanently get rid of these tropical diseases...

Questions from thefridayfive (grammar or spelling in the questions is not mine!)

Friday Five: Bedtime Story

1. When is your usual bedtime?
Wow, trick question. I don't have a ususal bed time. It all depends on when I have to get up in the morning, but usually I go to bed between 11 and 12 pm, though I tend to go to bed too late.

2. How many hours of sleep do you need?
I need between eight and nine hours of sleep daily (or better nightly?) but usually I sleep less and am tired all the time.

3. Do you usually remember your dreams?
No, I seldomly do. But when I do, I try to write them down immediately after waking up. I hope it will help me to remember more of my dreams.

4. How many pillows do you sleep with?
One big pillow, one smaller one and one neckroll.

5. What is the wildest dream you've ever had?
That I won't tell... ;-)

Questions from [info]thefridayfive

Friday Five: A Day at the Beach

A Day At the Beach

  • Is your favorite beach at the lake or ocean?
  • I don't really have a favourite beach given that I haven not yet been to the beach that often but I had to chose, I'd say it's at the lake where I used to spend my childhood summers. Just for the good memories connected with the place.

  • Do you wear a life jacket when you go swimming?
  • No, I don't.

  • Do you enjoy water sports, such as skiing and boating?
  • Skiing, no. But I like boating. I have a bit of knowledge about sailing and enjoy that quite a bit.

  • Do you ever think about the animals that live in the water when you are swimming?
  • Good question! I try not to.

  • Do you like to just lay in the sun or do you want to play in the water as well?
  • I mostly lie aroung in the sun and read tons of books but I like to swim. Not so much playing around in the water, really swimming.

    Questions from thefridayfive

    Sugar - Manche mögen's heiß (Vienna)

    Sugar – Manche mögen’s heiß
    (Some Like it Hot)

    Boris Pfeifer in a dress. That’s pretty much all you have to know. But I’m jumping ahead of the whole thing. It’s just that it’s incredibly awesome. Boris Pfeifer in a dress.

    From the beginning. I’m sure everybody knows the movie Some Like it Hot. You know the black and white movie with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Admittedly, it took me quite some time to actually see it myself but when I finally did, I loved it. Apparently they made it into a stage musical and they brought it to Vienna. In September 2009. And I missed it. I missed Boris Pfeifer in a dress. Unbelievable. So I promised myself not to miss the revival. And I almost did again. My friend N. and I have been talking about wanting to see it for a long time. N. works at the Kammerspiele now and we actually thought we could get free tickets (as she gets free tickets for every play there) but when we finally got moving on to buying the tickets it was too late because the show was nearly sold out and they weren’t giving away free tickets any more. And then there was the problem that there only were like two dates (from the seven to choose from) I could go (were I wasn’t having classes at university). To put a long story short I finally bought a ticket for Friday May 28. The last ticket available! The last! I never bought the last ticket to anything before.

    On Friday I pretty much managed to almost arrive too late at the theatre. I’m never late for theatre. Never. Really. Most of the times I’m half an hour early just to be sure. It started at 8 pm and I arrived about 7:55 pm. It might have had something to do with the fact that I had to get ready and go all by myself. N. couldn’t get off work but luckily she works at the theatre I was heading for, so I got to see her and talk to her during intermission which gave it at least a little bit the feeling of a “real” theatre evening.

    Anyway, on to the show. The story is fairly known I believe. Even I knew the plot of the movie before I saw it and I bet there was no person in this theatre who had no idea what they were going to be seeing.

    Boris Pfeifer was simply fantastic. It’s been so long that I’ve seen him live on stage in Romeo und Julia as Fürst (the prologue is one of my favourite parts of R&J just because of his voice. I always said he should read an audio-book). In Sugar he was Jerry/Daphne, the bass player. I felt he brought a lot of credibility to the role and I loved how he portrayed Daphne. Especially when he(she?) comes back from his(her?) date with Osgood and is raving about how he(she?) is going to marry him and Joe has to remind that he is in fact a man and not a woman. It's adorable when he tries to stand on his high heels and also pretty impressive. I would surely sprain my ankle standing that way. His woman-voice is well ... a man trying to sound like a woman. He has a rather deep natural voice (why I would love to have him read a book to me) and as Daphne he of course had to try something more high pitched. Good thing he doesn't have to do that all the time, it would certainly ruin his voice.

    The other part of the duo was Martin Niedermair who was very good too. Though he didn’t leave as strong an impression as Boris. This could easily be because I just didn’t know him before. Vocally he could measure up to Boris.

    Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of “I wanna be loved by you” is well known even to people who haven’t seen the movie so Mirjam Weichselbraun didn’t have an easy job to do. She did the only thing that can work in such a situation: she didn’t even try to be like Marilyn Monroe. Good for her, she never could have pulled that off. Her Sugar was sweet and a bit too naïve sometimes for my taste but okay. I hate her way of speaking which was just plain annoying.

    Siegfried Walther and Susanne Draxler as Osgood and Sweet Sue respectively fit their roles. I can’t say more about them.

    Take a little look

    Cast from May 28, 2010 (20:00) – Kammerspiele, Vienna
    Sugar … Mirjam Weichselbraun
    Joe/Josephine … Martin Niedermair
    Jerry/Daphne … Boris Pfeifer
    Osgood Fielding … Siegfried Walther
    Sweet Sue … Susanne Draxler

    This is ... ridiculous

    "The couple spent last weekend handing out flyers outside a Phantom production in Michigan, warning about the "travesty" of the new show which opened in March.

    Moreover, the Timmons have never seen Love Never Dies.

    "You don't need to see Love Never Dies to feel this way. If I were to see the show, not only would I be wasting my time and my money, but it would make me so angry," said Mr Timmons, 29."

    I get that people love a show but this is just ridiculous!


    Icon spamm

    Icon Spamm

    1 - 17: Wicked (Stuttgart)
    18 - 25: Tybalt (Romeo und Julia: Wien)
    26 - 29: Schuh des Manitu
    30 - 35: Aida
    36 - 43: Mark Seibert
    44 - 50: Mathias Edenborn

    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
    WickedCollapse )
    TybaltCollapse )
    Schuh des ManituCollapse )
    AidaCollapse )
    Mark SeibertCollapse )
    Mathias EdenbornCollapse )

    Audra McDonald - Stars and Moon

    No words necessary ...

    Book Cover Details

    This book cover detail made me look through my other books and see what else was there. I've made my favourites into icons...

    Cover DetailsCollapse )